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Introducing the Cornerstone Back Pain Therapy

Whether the result of an injury, poor posture, or disease, back pain impacts more than 50% of people at some point in their lives. While most treatments focus on masking the pain, we take a different approach at Cornerstone Pain & Wellness in Katy.

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How the Back Pain System Works

The medical team at Cornerstone Paind & Wellness in Katy recognized the need for a true leader in back pain treatment that was nonsurgical, non-medicated – and most importantly – effective in helping patients reduce their pain and improve their quality of life.
Our back pain system works using a comprehensive, multi-step protocol that helps to heal, strengthen, and restore the back without the downsides of surgery of addictive pain medication.

This innovative treatment is known as the Cornerstone Back Pain System – a 5-step treatment that uses injection-based therapies, rehabilitation, and other techniques to provide relief from pain, so our patients can get back to an active, enjoyable lifestyle.

Our 5 Step, Back Pain Relief System

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Step 1

Laser Therapy

We begin our comprehensive back pain program with our proprietary cold laser therapy – which acts to reduce pain and inflammation at the source. To get to the root source of your back pain, it requires us to relax the surrounding muscles that may be inflamed or in spasms. The laser also acts to stimulate the flow of blood and nutrients to accelerate the repair of scarred or damaged tissues.

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Step 2

Injection Therapy

Using bioactive proteins and growth factors from your own blood, our team implements a series of all-natural injections to support and strengthen key muscles in the back. In turn, this promotes the healing of injured tissues, tendons, muscles, and joints – which continue to benefit from the healing process for many months as the growth factors take hold.

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Step 3

Spinal Decompression Therapy

With a range of different spinal decompression tables at our clinic in Katy, our patients lay down while a carefully calculated pull opens up the spine and relieves pressure between the discs. Many patients find the experience so relaxing that they fall asleep – and most experience significant pain relief from this innovative, non-surgical back treatment.

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Step 4

Bracing & Support

Because spinal decompression relieves the pressure between discs, we take an additional step at this point in your therapy to improve disc alignment and muscle strength. Bracing helps to redistribute pressure away from injured areas, providing stability while the surrounding muscles regain strength. For some patients, long-term bracing may be appropriate.

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Step 5

Mobility and Posture Consulting

Slouching, hunching forward, and poor posture can lead to back pain, and that’s why we include a posture and mobility analysis to help patients learn new habits to maximize their results. For each patient, the Cornerstone team in Katy will guide them through a custom plan of exercises and a rehabilitation program to get you back to a full range of motion, pain-free.


Our practice was founded on a singular vision: to help relieve unnecessary pain and suffering experienced by the people in our community. At Cornerstone Pain & Wellness, we provide an alternative to surgery or medication that has helped patients end their suffering from back pain.

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